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How to Out-Traffic Your Homepage

Down to it. If you went to your Analytics right now, and checked the Behaviour > Site content section, I’m betting your homepage comes up as the top traffic driver?

I know this was the case for my site up until recently, and I’m guessing it’s the same for you.

Well, let me tell you a story….


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ClickFunnels Pricing – How Much Does it Cost Per Month?

ClickFunnels pricing is pretty simple and it doesn’t cost that much for the value you get. Once you sign up for a free 14 day ClickFunnels trial and get to try out the features for yourself, you’ll see it’s well worth the monthly cost.

Here’s the short version on your pricing options  – let’s look at what ClickFunnels costs per month:


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How to Get 193,726 Site Visits Without Paying for Ads

I’m going to say it – Google traffic is the ‘best’ kind of traffic. Or, not forgetting the other search engines (lots of people do use Bing, you know!), I’ll say that SEO traffic is the ‘best’ traffic.


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4 Things I Like

A different kind of post today 🙂 Here is some business / marketing / insightful stuff I like that’s also educational too. Feel free to browse over a coffee.


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5 Steps to Rank & Monetise Your Site

Recently in my Facebook group and email list, I talked about ranking and monetising your website in 5 steps. Today, we’re going to look at how you can get started with step 1! 


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Blue Oceans vs Red Oceans

Blue oceans vs read oceans, and how and why they matter. Do you know the difference between the two?


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Louis Grenier from Hotjar – the Interview

Next up in our interview series is Louis Grenier! Louis is a Dublin-based digital marketer who previously founded a conversion optimisation consultancy called Slices, before recently moving to work for Hotjar. He has also started a digital marketing podcast called ‘Everyone Hates Marketers’.


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Interview with John Ring From Tinderpoint

Welcome back to the ‘Traffic Builders’ Interview Series! Today we have Irish internet luminary (if that’s not too bold a phrase) – John Ring, Managing Director of digital agency Tinderpoint!


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Increase Your Rankings with This Simple Two-Step Technique

SEO is a huge area, and it can seem like there are a million (often confusing) ways to get to your goals of higher rankings and more traffic.

Today, let’s look at a way you can get closer to your goals using a technique that I believe to be underrated, but which is beautifully simple. 


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SEO Tips for Beginners

SEO can be complex, and despite the huge volume of online resources devoted to the topic, you may still be left scratching your head as to how you match up when it comes to your own website and online presence. 

seo for beginners

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Newstalk FM, Let Me Pay to Listen to Your Station!

Attention, my favourite station, Newstalk FM! Some constructive feedback I’d love to hear your take on in fact.


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Traffic Builders – Paul Cawley of Learn Inbound

Next up on our ‘Traffic Builders‘ series is Paul Cawley of Learn Inbound. Paul is an experienced digital marketing and SEO specialist working with a range of clients to help them achieve their traffic and conversion goals.

Welcome to the series, Paul!


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Beatrice Whelan Interview

First up on our ‘Traffic Builders’ interview series is Beatrice Whelan. Beatrice is an award winning social media and content strategist with over ten years’ experience in the B2B tech sector.

Beatrice Whelan Sage

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What Analyzing 1 Million Google Search Results Taught Us

I recently read with interest a very comprehensive post by Brian Dean of Backlinko where he talked about a study he undertook in cooperation with a number of SEO data providers (including SEMRush, Clickstream and Ahrefs).

seo for beginners

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SEO Career Tips – 3 Ways to Be a Better SEO

SEO is partly a science, but mostly an art. It differs fundamentally from most other digital marketing channels such as paid search, display and affiliate marketing – all of which depend far more on budget and ROI constraints. These channels are also far less creative.

seo career tips

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Website Migrations – 5 SEO Considerations

I was once in charge of managing a site migration for a client from an SEO perspective. I was working with the managing director and developers within a web design agency, who were carrying out a website redesign for the client.

site migrations and seo

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SEO and Branding – How They Work Together

When you do a search on Google for ‘accountants San Francisco’, what do you see? Let’s imagine that you are the owner of an accountancy firm in San Francisco, or an SEO or digital marketing specialist working with such a firm. seo and branding

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5 Key Analytics Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Analytics and tracking is a key component of SEO – and sometimes one of the most enjoyable part of life as an SEO! The vast amount of data and reporting options out there, however, can muddy the waters when it comes to identifying the reports you should really be paying attention to on a daily and weekly basis.

website analytics metrics

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