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This summer I went on a sunny solo trip to the south of France, and spent some time in the beautiful town of Biarritz. I also spent a few days in even more beautiful San Sebastian in the Basque Country. It was a holiday but I also worked a little on my side hustles….as ever!


I went solo partly as I thought I’d meet other people, but it turned out it was more of a romantic destination! Still a great trip though 🙂

While there, I started getting into a book called ‘Expert Secrets’, by a guy called Russell Brunson. Russell’s whole thing is that we live in a time where anyone, anywhere can monetise their expertise.


There is no reason or excuse to not be able to do this, given what we have in the internet and being able to reach people all over the world.

If you have skills, you can monetise them. You just need to know how…

This is where the book comes in – it gives you a framework for how to do this, and it also references a product called ClickFunnels as the way to do it. What on earth is ClickFunnels? Well, if you are daunted or intimidated by the ‘techie’ side of setting up an online business, I recommend you check it out.

With ClickFunnels, you can:

  • Build a site in a few clicks
  • Set up an email list
  • Create your own membership / login area
  • Launch landing pages
  • Use drag and drop to design your pages and make them look cool!

The best part is that it’s free to get started – well almost. To get the book you just need to pay shipping, which is 7 to 13 dollars (less in euro!)Get the free book here (fill out the form and they’ll post it to directly to you).

To test out a ClickFunnels account costs….nothing! You can get a free 14 day trial and then play with it – just cancel before then if it’s not for you. I have used ClickFunnels for landing pages that do convert very well – mainly because they are designed to convert! Get your free ClicksFunnel trial by signing up here.

There are affiliate links above, but hopefully that’s cool if you are getting value from my emails and free content 🙂

Stay tuned for my next email where I’ll be showing you how the content and links formula I mentioned can work wonders for growing your traffic / online business (see how all this ties together!).

In the meantime, I’m getting back to my book 🙂

Blue Oceans vs Red Oceans

Blue oceans vs read oceans, and how and why they matter.

Do you know the difference between the two?


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Interview with Louis Grenier – Traffic Builders

Next up in our interview series is Louis Grenier! Louis is a Dublin-based digital marketer who previously founded a conversion optimisation consultancy called Slices, before recently moving to work for Hotjar. He has also started a digital marketing podcast called ‘Everyone Hates Marketers’.

Louis has an interesting perspective on marketing and one that focuses on building value and relationships over buzzy marketing ‘hacks’.  It’s very refreshing and I think you are going to enjoy this one. I know I did!

Welcome, Louis!


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Interview with John Ring From Tinderpoint – Traffic Builders

Welcome back to the ‘Traffic Builders’ Interview Series! Today we have Irish internet luminary (if that’s not too bold a phrase) – John Ring, Managing Director of digital agency Tinderpoint!

John is perhaps more better known in online marketing circles as “RingJohn”, and it is a pleasure to have him feature on the site.

Read on to learn about how John worked with Google when they were just three people in an office in London, what it was like working online and doing SEO in 1997, and how his agency has recently moved on from “RingJohn”!


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Increase Your Rankings with This Simple Two-Step Technique

SEO is a huge area, and it can seem like there are a million (often confusing) ways to get to your goals of higher rankings and more traffic.

Today, let’s look at a way you can get closer to your goals using a technique that I believe to be underrated, but which is beautifully simple. 

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SEO Tips for Beginners

SEO can be complex, and despite the huge volume of online resources devoted to the topic, you may still be left scratching your head as to how you match up when it comes to your own website and online presence. 

seo for beginners

All is not lost, however. To start driving your online presence forward, I believe that the best way to learn and improve is to start by obtaining a firm grasp of the basics with some simple tips and pointers.  Then, you can use this as a strong foundation on which to build your knowledge and expertise on the topic. 

So without further ado, let’s get started with some SEO tips you can start implementing right now!

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Newstalk FM, Let Me Pay to Listen to Your Station!

Attention, my favourite station, Newstalk FM! Some constructive feedback I’d love to hear your take on in fact.

Interruptive, pushy, outbound marketing – it’s something that seems to be only getting worse, not better! Even with all the talk of inbound marketing, building a relationship with prospective customers and site visitors and so on, it still seems that more than ever we do battle every day with constant pop-ups, creepy advertising but most of all – interruptive, irritating advertising in the form of that media staple – ads!

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Traffic Builders – Paul Cawley of Learn Inbound

Next up on our ‘Traffic Builders‘ series is Paul Cawley of Learn Inbound. Paul is an experienced digital marketing and SEO specialist working with a range of clients to help them achieve their traffic and conversion goals.

Welcome to the series, Paul!


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Traffic Builders – 9 Questions for Beatrice Whelan

First up on our ‘Traffic Builders’ interview series is Beatrice Whelan! Beatrice is an award winning social media and content strategist with over ten years’ experience in the B2B tech sector. Her current role is Global Content Manager for Social Media & Events at Sage. Beatrice also sits on the board of the Irish Internet Association (IIA).

Beatrice Whelan Sage

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What Analyzing 1 Million Google Search Results Taught Us

I recently read with interest a very comprehensive post by Brian Dean of Backlinko where he talked about a study he undertook in cooperation with a number of SEO data providers (including SEMRush, Clickstream and Ahrefs).

The study involved an analysis of one million Google Search results with the intention of identify patterns and trends within the dataset to arrive at some insights around ranking factors on Google.

seo for beginners

Many of the findings will reveal nothing especially new to most SEOs, but I wanted to pull out five of the more interesting insights from the study.

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