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How to Out-Traffic Your Homepage

Down to it. If you went to your Analytics right now, and checked the Behaviour > Site content section, I’m betting your homepage comes up as the top traffic driver?

I know this was the case for my site up until recently, and I’m guessing it’s the same for you.

Well, let me tell you a story….


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How to Get 193,726 Site Visits Without Paying for Ads

I’m going to say it – Google traffic is the ‘best’ kind of traffic. Or, not forgetting the other search engines (lots of people do use Bing, you know!), I’ll say that SEO traffic is the ‘best’ traffic.


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Increase Your Rankings with This Simple Two-Step Technique

SEO is a huge area, and it can seem like there are a million (often confusing) ways to get to your goals of higher rankings and more traffic.

Today, let’s look at a way you can get closer to your goals using a technique that I believe to be underrated, but which is beautifully simple. 


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