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Interview with Louis Grenier – Traffic Builders

Next up in our interview series is Louis Grenier! Louis is a Dublin-based digital marketer who previously founded a conversion optimisation consultancy called Slices, before recently moving to work for Hotjar. He has also started a digital marketing podcast called ‘Everyone Hates Marketers’.

Louis has an interesting perspective on marketing and one that focuses on building value and relationships over buzzy marketing ‘hacks’.  It’s very refreshing and I think you are going to enjoy this one. I know I did!

Welcome, Louis!


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Interview with John Ring From Tinderpoint – Traffic Builders

Welcome back to the ‘Traffic Builders’ Interview Series! Today we have Irish internet luminary (if that’s not too bold a phrase) – John Ring, Managing Director of digital agency Tinderpoint!

John is perhaps more better known in online marketing circles as “RingJohn”, and it is a pleasure to have him feature on the site.

Read on to learn about how John worked with Google when they were just three people in an office in London, what it was like working online and doing SEO in 1997, and how his agency has recently moved on from “RingJohn”!


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Traffic Builders – Paul Cawley of Learn Inbound

Next up on our ‘Traffic Builders‘ series is Paul Cawley of Learn Inbound. Paul is an experienced digital marketing and SEO specialist working with a range of clients to help them achieve their traffic and conversion goals.

Welcome to the series, Paul!


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Traffic Builders – 9 Questions for Beatrice Whelan

First up on our ‘Traffic Builders’ interview series is Beatrice Whelan! Beatrice is an award winning social media and content strategist with over ten years’ experience in the B2B tech sector. Her current role is Global Content Manager for Social Media & Events at Sage. Beatrice also sits on the board of the Irish Internet Association (IIA).

Beatrice Whelan Sage

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What Analyzing 1 Million Google Search Results Taught Us

I recently read with interest a very comprehensive post by Brian Dean of Backlinko where he talked about a study he undertook in cooperation with a number of SEO data providers (including SEMRush, Clickstream and Ahrefs).

The study involved an analysis of one million Google Search results with the intention of identify patterns and trends within the dataset to arrive at some insights around ranking factors on Google.

seo for beginners

Many of the findings will reveal nothing especially new to most SEOs, but I wanted to pull out five of the more interesting insights from the study.

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SEO Career Tips – 3 Ways to Be a Better SEO

SEO is partly a science, but mostly an art. It differs fundamentally from most other digital marketing channels such as paid search, display and affiliate marketing – all of which depend far more on budget and ROI constraints. These channels are also far less creative.

As such, it’s important to keep up to date with trends, ideas and insights from within the industry in order to stay creative, fresh and engaged with the art of SEO.  In this post, I would like to explore some ways that you can achieve this whilst still having plenty of time for the day job.

seo career tips

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