Attention, my favourite station, Newstalk FM! Some constructive feedback I’d love to hear your take on in fact.


Interruptive, pushy, outbound marketing – it’s something that seems to be only getting worse, not better!  We hear so much of inbound marketing, building a relationship with prospective customers and site visitors and so on. However, it still seems that more than ever we do battle every day with constant pop-ups, creepy advertising and most of all – interruptive, irritating advertising in the form of that media staple – ads!

Now, as a marketer, I know better than anyone that businesses don’t run on fresh air and need a bread and butter way of making money from their viewers / listeners / readers. And of course you’ll probably see a pop-up on this site aiming to snag your email address (must send that newsletter), but I am mainly talking about mass media advertising here.

Another way!

BUT, why don’t more publishers and media outlets take a leaf out of say Spotify’s book, and simply offer a paid option for people who will gladly pay €5 or even €10 per month to listen ad free?

It has gotten to the stage that if I am listening to Newstalk on my laptop, I will pause the stream when the ads come on.

So….you are losing at least one listener there in terms of ad impressions or whatever way you measure it. And I am sure I’m not the only one. I also often forget to go back to the stream.

Instead, wouldn’t it be better to offer a paid option, if technically feasible which I am sure it is – where I can stay switched on, and you are guaranteed revenue from a new ‘stream’?

Food for thought, Denis and co 🙂

Oh, and I also mute the TV when the ads come on…

What are your thoughts? Would you pay to listen to your favourite radio station?

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