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SEO Career Tips – 3 Ways to Be a Better SEO

SEO is partly a science, but mostly an art. It differs fundamentally from most other digital marketing channels such as paid search, display and affiliate marketing – all of which depend far more on budget and ROI constraints. These channels are also far less creative.

As such, it’s important to keep up to date with trends, ideas and insights from within the industry in order to stay creative, fresh and engaged with the art of SEO.  In this post, I would like to explore some ways that you can achieve this whilst still having plenty of time for the day job.

seo career tips

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Website Migrations – 5 SEO Considerations

I was once in charge of managing a site migration for a client from an SEO perspective. I was working with the managing director and developers within a web design agency, who were carrying out a website redesign for the client. The website was going to stay on the same domain, but it was moving to a new platform with a new format for URLs and additional content which included new product description formats (this was an Ecommerce store).

site migrations and seo

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SEO and Branding – How They Work Together

When you do a search on Google for ‘accountants San Francisco’, what do you see? Let’s imagine that you are the owner of an accountancy firm in San Francisco, or an SEO or digital marketing specialist working with such a firm. If you are seeking to rank and get more traffic from searchers looking for an accountant in San Francisco, would you feel daunted – or encouraged – by the challenge ahead?

seo and branding

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5 Key Analytics Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Analytics and tracking is a key component of SEO – and sometimes one of the most enjoyable part of life as an SEO! The vast amount of data and reporting options out there, however, can muddy the waters when it comes to identifying the reports you should really be paying attention to on a daily and weekly basis.

website analytics metrics

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